ABOUT MIRTH Studio Trade


Our Story

Mirth Studio first introduced their wood tiles to design savvy consumers in 2014. The idea was conceived by artist Sally Bennett when she could not find the flooring choices she wanted while renovating her home in Charleston, SC. Sally wanted colorful wooden floors with beautifully intricate patterns – like the ones she’d hand-painted for her well-heeled clients as a decorative painter in New York. After researching the market and discovering nothing like this existed, Sally went about finding a manufacture that shared her desire for colorful, patterned wood tiles. In the ensuing years, prototypes were developed and extensively tested to ensure the durability needed for flooring.

Mirth Studio Trade is the trade only division of Mirth Studio. We have curated a collection of extraordinary wooden tile designs for the well-appointed client looking for the very best for their home. We produce all of our wooden tiles in Charleston SC using the highest industry standards. 


Meet the Team


Sally Bennett
Senior Designer

Crystal Muir
Managing Director


Rachel Rheinlander
Senior Sales Coordinator